Staging UV Protect

The ZEISS Customer Center - an exclusive exhibition area for the Vision Care sector - was reopened in Oberkochen near Aalen at the beginning of 2018. The initial exhibition was intended to focus on the central theme of "UV Protection" - a technology with which ZEISS offers unique added value.

The staging of the campaign within the customer centre should fulfil three objectives: Generate attention for the topic "UV radiation", present a solution to a problem and at the same time create demand for the new product range.

CLIENT Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH
SERVICES Exhibition // Campaign
CompetenCeS Conception // Art Direction // Window Design // Print

WINDOW design


The shop window is the focal point of the ZEISS Customer Center. It was covered on both sides with various corresponding topics - one side completely geared to UV protection.

A modular concept allows a variable composition, perfectly adapted to the needs of the trade. An LED light ring - symbol for the sun and UV radiation - attracts attention in a very special way. 

PRINT People


Lenticular posters - taken with a UV camera - show the effect of UV radiation on the skin and illustrate the protection offered by ZEISS lenses.



Interaction generates attention: lenticular posters tell a story in the context of the LED Leutring by moving the viewer.



Hang tags with lenticular effect on the exhibits ensure that the message is transported even at the lowest level. Finally, a UV bracelet, which is distributed as a giveaway, shows the effect of UV rays by means of colour change and makes the importance of UV protection visible.