RBS Group
Relaunch Website

The RBSGroup is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Drees & Sommer Group and a specialist for the holistic design, planning and implementation of future-oriented spaces and formats. For more than 30 years, the company has been offering solutions in the areas of change management, analysis and strategy, planning and design as well as fit out and move. The RBSGroup has already implemented more than 3,000 projects.

In 2019, a relaunch was to include a visual redesign of the company website including SEO optimization. The aim was to give special importance to the project references and to put them in the centre of attention.

Client RBS - Projekt Management GmbH – Unternehmensberatung
Services Website (TYPO3)
Competences Conception // Art Direction // Content Management // Web UX Design // Development


Visual Merchandising

Like in a shop, we used the principle of a shop window for the redesign of the website. The highlight projects were placed prominently and with strong images on the start page and give the customer a first impression of the company's services.

Modern, digitalized Magazine

The dynamic and clean design conveys a modern magazine character and invites you to click through or linger. The customer gets a first impression of the projects via the start page - the shop window - and can dive deeper into the cases if interested. Each case is journalistically prepared and visually framed by pictures, videos or galleries.