Corporate Redesign

In over four decades Pflugfelder has developed into the leading full-service real estate provider in the greater Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg area.

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary and the change within the management level, from the founder's son to the grandson, the complete corporate identity of the company was to be revised in a contemporary way.

Client Pflugfelder Immobilien Treuhand GmbH
Services Logo // Corporate Design // Corporate Manual // Image Book // Stationary // Advertising Materials // Exposés // Website
Competences Conception // Art Direction // Content Management // Web + App UX Design // Development

corporate design

Focus on people

After a detailed status quo analysis of the brand, the target groups and the competition, the core message of the new Pflugfelder CI was developed. This was integrated into the logo redesign as a claim: People. Values. Real estate. Since 1971.

The human being was put into focus. New picture worlds showed familiar, emotional situations and a yellow frame put the focus on the really essential.

The concise corporate colour and the round basic structure conveyed an approachable and likeable appearance.



For an unmistakable appearance, the complete equipment was also updated. The new logo now meets current requirements with regard to the interaction of print and digital, as the <P> can also be used as a single logo. Thus a recognition value was created, which can also be seen on the business stationery such as business cards and postcards, letterhead and brochures.



When developing a new website, great importance was attached to clear structures and appealing images as well as a user-friendly and attractive user interface.

The basic structure, corporate colour and claim represented the mission statement here: People and real estate. During the development and conception of the UX design, elements such as newsletters or updates on current new building projects were integrated to create transparency for customers.



In the course of the corporate redesign, all newly defined corporate design guidelines were first recorded in a manual so that all media could be successively implemented with the new design. Pflugfelder now has a uniform appearance throughout - whether in the digital or print sector.

With his new corporate identity Pflugfelder is ushering in a new era - without forgetting his old values.