Gutex Imagebook

The goal of the traditional family business from the Black Forest is to become the leading manufacturer of wood fibre insulation on the market. GUTEX would like to strengthen the brand perception and clearly differentiate itself from the competition.

CLIENT GUTEX Holzfaserplattenwerk H. Henselmann GmbH & Co. KG
SERVICES Conception, Design and Production of the Imagebook
Competences Conception // Art Direction // Production



This necessitated the redesign of a cross-company communication strategy across all touchpoints. After an in-depth analysis of the product portfolio and the previous brand communication, the focus was initially on image and brand development. For this purpose, an image campaign with the core statement "The GUTEX Effect" was designed.



"The GUTEX Effect" was conceived as a communicative bracket, which bundles the positive characteristics of the products in an extraordinary way and thereby makes it possible to bring the topic "wood fibre insulation" on an emotional level.



Information about the company and product details are presented in an understandable and interesting way at first glance. Facts are not only mentioned textually but also visually flanked by individual infographic elements and specially developed icons.


Photo mounting

In order to provide the reader with entertaining entertainment, fun, but also catchiness, he comes across a mixture of factual presentation and humorous, exaggerated design.